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Hi my name is Raffaele Bizzoca
Skype Username: leles68


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Guitar Secrets Finally Revealed! Let me teach you how to play Guitar on Skype from the UK!

Skype Guitar Lessons Online | Skype International Online Guitar Coaching | Woldwide Online Guitar Teacher |

★ Stay in the comfort of your own home
★ No travel time to lessons
★ Overseas? You can still carry on your lessons!
★ Take advantage of the favourable exchange rate against the British £
★ The Uk Timezone suits many worldwide locations

All Guitar Lessons are held as one to one private sessions on Skype.

10 lesson deal,
1 Free Lesson
worth £25.00!

Valid until 10 places sold

“How To Improve your Guitar Playing, Prepare yourself before a concert performance, Impress your Audience & Perform with Superstar Confidence!”

Here’s What You’ll Learn Online about Guitar
In Just the First Few Lessons:

★ Avoid the most common mistake that prevents many guitarists from developing powerful technique.
★Effortless Mastery techniques
★ Why posture is crucial for Guitar, how to instantly improve your posture.
★ Proper breathing technique. Just this alone will improve your Guitar playing.
★ Expand your technique and finally play those “difficult” songs with ease.
★ Discover my Superstar Confidence tips and why they lead to Charisma, Magnetism, and ultimately Musical Success.
★ Strengthen your playing. If you follow my easy to follow steps, you will hear just how confident your guitar playing will become in a few short weeks.
★ Apply these secrets for power when playing Guitar, performing, and recording.
★ Easy exercises to change the quality of the tone of your guitar playing.
★ What you absolutely MUST know about Music and Performance focus. I guide you through onstage focus and connecting with the music you are playing.
★ How to produce high-quality guitar tones. … A major secret that sets you apart from other guitarist.
★ How to play with powerful resonance.
★ Start learning popular songs and build your repertoire immediately.
★ How to make your Guitar playing sound smooth and natural.
★ A really cool way to master different chords.
★ Learn to play guitar on stage and perform for money (if that’s your goal).
★How to Promote Yourself in the Music Industry for maximum Impact
★Studio Techniques and Recording a Demo
★How to start to prepare a Promo Pack that makes people take your guitar playing and your music seriously!
★Access to the best & most up to date quality guitar coaching available online.
★Crossover from your current career into the world of music & Guitar through factual guitar coaching with easy action steps.
★Lessons Suitable for Amateur Guitarists through to Professional level – the principles can be applied at your level.
★Advice on getting gigs – I have been doing this (as well as teaching) for the past 10 years.
★Audition preparation

To take Online Skype Guitar lessons you will need:

•A Computer
•Broadband internet
•Skype software on your computer – [ download Skype – free ]
• Microphone Connected to your PC & properly set up
•Earphones or headset
•Optional webcam
•It is important that you use earphones or a headset. If the sound from your speakers reaches the microphone, there is an echo generated which makes work just about impossible.
•You can get integrated headsets with microphone attached. These work well. In the studio we use proper studio mics and headhones, but even the built-in mic in the MacBook works fine, used along with a pair of i-Pod type earphones.
•The best way to record your Skype lessons is to use one of the many products you will find if you google “record skype calls.” PowerGramo has a load of useful features.


1 Guitar Lesson £35/hour

3 Lesson Deal £90 = £30.00/hr (payable in advance)

5 Lesson Deal £140 = £28.00/hr (payable in advance)

10 Lesson Deal £250 = £25.00/hr (payable in advance)

and with the 10 lesson deal,
you get 1 Free Lesson worth £25.00!
Yay! Valid until 10 places sold